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Duplicating the original video page for the other languages


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    Hi there, dear friends!

    I'm working with my brother on his webpage and we got three issues that we still can't solve.

    THE FIRST: We can't configure the button on the main slider of the home (at the moment we have "Guitar and beyond" as you see here http://www.carloscastro.cc/en/home/ but without linking to any content). Is there a solution for this little issue?

    THE SECOND: We have a actually-working video page in the main language (English), as you can see here:    http://www.carloscastro.cc/en/video/

    But when we duplicated the same page for translating (actually just having the same content) in the other languages via Polylang, we had the problem that the video content doesn't works at all in the other 3 languages and we are clueless. 

    What should we do in order to make the template recognize the original content? Or being able to create the same video grid from zero...? Video page is extremely important in this website. 

    THE THIRD: We got to create the right permalink structure of every page but we can't change the permalink of the home in all 4 languages... We want clean and nice links for the homepage in every language, like this:

    www.carloscastro.cc/en    (at the moment we got only http://www.carloscastro.cc/en/home/   not that bad, but the next are not really pretty with the numbers at the end...)

    www.carloscastro.cc/de   (at the moment we got only http://www.carloscastro.cc/de/2-4/)

    www.carloscastro.cc/it      (at the moment we got only http://www.carloscastro.cc/it/2-22/)

    www.carloscastro.cc/es     (last but not least http://www.carloscastro.cc/es/2-14/)

    We'll be deeply grateful for any help and solution you can propose us! This are the last "problems" we have and then we have the page ready! We are totally looking forward for your answer!

    Best regards,

    Daniela (& Carlos)

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    Alexandre replied

    Hi Daniela and Castro, 

    Please take a look here, topic 2 "Link a layer"


    2-You have to translate the video post too.

    3- I have checked this option:

    Thank you,