I can't activate a plugin. Where is the license key ? Is it included with your theme ?

Sometimes, plugins will ask you to enter a Licence Key or API Key. Well, you don't need a licence key or API key to activate it. The plugin will still work even if you don't have that licence key.

The licence key or API key is only used for automatic updates offered by the plugin authors and is available if you purchase the plugin for yourself at codecanyon.net

Since we include the plugin directly (for free) into our theme, we made sure the plugin is 100% compatible with the theme. If you decide to purchase the plugin license for yourself and update the plugin, the theme might break. 

We (IronTemplates) are responsible to update the pre-packaged plugins that come with our theme. We release plugin updates on a regular basis after testing them and make sure they are 100% compatible with our theme. It's the way it works for every theme that offers third-party plugins packaged into the theme.