Hi everybody !

Yesterday there has been an unannounced update on the Instagram team, which caused the Essential Grid’s Instagram Feed plugin to stop working.

We bring you our most sincere apologies for this situation! We totally understand how inconvenient this is, and we totally relate to any frustration and disappointment it might cause. Our development team is in contact with the Essential Grid and Instagram developpers to find a fix that we’re going to implement shortly. We will do our best to release a fix within the next 24hours but once again, we’re dependent from the Instagram team for now.

Stay tuned.


How to import demos

There are 2 ways to import the demo on your website. If option 1 does not work, try option 2.

OPTION 1: ONE-CLICK INSTALL --------------------------------------

  1. Make sure the theme is installed. Then go to WP-Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins. Install and activate all the required plugins.
  2. Go to WP-Admin > Tools > Demo Content Install. Choose your favourite demo and install it. It should take 3 to 10 minutes.

If you don't see the "Demo Content Install" under "Tools", go to WP-Admin > Plugins. Deactivate AND Delete "Iron Demo Importer" plugin. Then go to WP-Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins and install "Iron Demo Importer" again. Then refresh your browser. Now check if you can go to WP-Admin > Tools > Demo Content Install.

If you still don't see the option, go to Option 3: Install from a demo's backup below.

Here's some issue you might face when importing the demo:

1) Error message: Important: You need to activate zip extension.

This message might show up when you go to Tools > Demo Content Install ( )

If it's your case, it means that Zip extension is not enabled on your server. To enable it,

- Go to your CPanel > Select PHP Version and check ZIP. See Screenshot:

- If you don't have access to your CPanel, please contact your web host so he can enable Zip Extension. 

2) Error message: Timed Out If you have a Timed Out message when you are importing the demo it means that your max_execution_time is set only to 30 seconds or so. Our demo's data is big and the import process while takes more than 30 seconds. It's why you see a timed out message.

- To raise the time a script is allowed to run, go to your CPanel > Select PHP Version > Switch to PHP Option (

- Then check for max_execution_time and change the setting for 30 then click Apply and Save (

- If you don't have access to your CPanel or you still receive a timed out message, please contact your web host so he can set your max_execution_time to 600. 

- If above steps doesn't work, see OPTION 2 below.

3) You can't see the "Demo Content Install" menu under WP-Admin > Tools

- To fix this, go to WP-Admin > Plugins and deactivate AND delete the plugin Iron Demo Importer. - Then go to WP-Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins, and install the plugin Iron Demo Importer again. - Then refresh your browser window and you should now see "Demo Content Install" under WP-Admin > Tools.

If you still don't see the option, go to Option 3: Install from a demo's backup below.

OPTION 2: MANUAL INSTALL -----------------------------------

If option 1 doesn't work or you have a problem such as Timed Out issues, or Internal Error 500, etc, please install the demo manually. We have set up a  video tutorial to learn how to install it manually. See video below.

Remark: The files required to install the demo's content are located in the folder called /Demos Content/ of the package file you have downloaded from ThemeForest. Please unzip the big .zip file you have downloaded from ThemeForest and extract it on your computer first. Then you will see a folder called /Demos Content/ with the demo of your choice in its subfolder.

Step 01: Install the required plugins: 00:26

Step 02: Import the demo's content XML: 01:11

Step 03: Create and assign a menu: 03:30

Step 04: Tell WordPress which page is your homepage: 04:32

Step 05: Import Revolution Slider and Banners: 05:03

Step 06: Import Essential Grids: 05:56

Step 07: Import the Theme Options: 06:37

Step 08: Import the Music Player Options: 07:52

OPTION 3:  INSTALL FROM A DEMO'S BACKUP --------------------------------------------

1. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins. Install all required plugins and also, install the plugin “Iron Demos Importer” and make sure to activate them.

2. Download to your computer, the demo of your choice according to the theme you are using:

For SoundRise Theme:

For Croma Theme:

For FWRD Theme:

For Lush Theme:

3. Upload file to your web server in the folder /WP-CONTENT/UPLOADS/FW-BACKUP/ (Create the directory /FW-BACKUP/ in your /uploads/ folder if it does not exist)


5. Select the archive you want to import then click Restore Backup. See screenshot:

You can always open a support ticket at if you have any issues. We are here to help.