Where can I change my logo ?

To change the logo, go to the Theme options dashboard > Logos. 

It is important to upload a standard logo and a retina logo for retina device. The retina logo should be 2x larger than the standard logo and it's only used on devices that support retina displays.

Our theme has the option to select a different logo on a specific page. That's useful when we wish to have a dark background and our logo by default is dark. To select a logo for a specific page, please edit a page and look in the page settings.

Logo when you scroll down a page:

(If you use the classic-menu only)

For the "Mini" logo that shows up when you scroll down the page, go to the Theme options dashboard > Menu Option. 

Select "Mini" or "Mini + Full Width" 

And upload a logo in the "Header Logo On Mini" option.

Logo inside the push menu:

If you use the push menu, there is a logo inside it. Go to the Theme options dashboard > Menu Options.