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  • cbaulies started the conversation

    I just created a pageable container for the biography section of my website, but there are two things I don't like about it. 

    First, the animation is too quick and jerky. Is there any way to make the text paginate right-left instead of bottom-up? And more importantly, that it paginates a bit more slowly?

    Second thing I don't like is that the pagination style buttons move around because the texts are slightly different lengths. Is there a way to make it stay in the same position so that the buttons don't move around? A great solution would also be to be able to add arrows at the sides of the text so that it's easier to change from one slide to another.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Maxime replied

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, to acheive what you are requesting would requires someone to modify the core theme files / js files. 

    For custom works, we strongly recommend these guys: WP Kraken.

    It's cheap! And the cool thing is that if you are not satisfied with their service or they don't meet your guidelines, you will get your money back ! It's 100% guaranteed.

    Perhaps you can try another third party plugin to achieve the slider you want?

    Thank you,