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Continuous Playback


  • Eric Tai started the conversation

    I am experiencing double playback as I am browsing my site.

    I have no plugins activated beyond those that were required by Croma itself.

    I am running the theme directly, based on the LowTempo demo, with no child themes.

    To reproduce on Chrome/Windows7 x64, or Chrome/Android 8.0.0:

    1. Visit home page ( https://demo.tailand.ca/ssp/ )
    2. Scroll down a bit and play a track from the "Listen Now"
    3. Browse around the page (e.g. visit 'About')
    4. Go to the Music page
    5. Play any track from the Music page
    6. Two tracks will (if properly reproduced) play simultaneously.

  •   Eric Tai replied privately
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    Alexandre replied


    Thanks to have reported this issue. 
     It looks like this happen only when the "show menu over content" option is enable.
    We will fix this, but for now you have to disable this option. And add this custom css 

    #wrapper{ padding-top: 0 !important;}

    When you want to show the menu over the content on the current page

    I have already did it on your home page. 

    Thank you,



  • Eric Tai replied

    Thanks! Looks like it works well.

    It also fixed another bug where elements configured in the visual composer with CSS animation when they become visible would stay invisible permanently.

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    Alexandre replied

    thanks to you

    Thank you,