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site layout and speed


  • ivylin0802 started the conversation

    Hi, a few questions!

    1. speed of site seems really slow and lagging - is there a way to speed up? is the header the issue? if so how to easily replace with smaller header?

    2. In the Discography section the label should be "music" instead it defaults to the latest album i uploaded.. how to fix this?

    3. How to organize videos into different pages based on categories?

    4. What is the best way to have hack protection on the site?

    5. Under the "more photos" section on the front page - how do i change which photos are displayed?

    6. When i click on "listen more" i am directed to music with only 2 entries, how do i link to my discography page or a separate music page ?

    thanks so much!


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    Maxime replied


    1. make sure your images are optimized. I can see 3 images that are way to heavy: https://d.pr/i/T0dwGR

    images should be around maximum 400k and should be 1600px width max.

    2. Try to update your theme. You are currently running v 2.0.3. How do I update my theme ?

    3. Perhaps use the category taxonomie...

    4. They are different ways..I heard that WordFence or iTheme Security is good.

    5. Edit the grid photo in wp-admin > essential grid. To learn more about Essential Grid, here's the full documentation: https://www.themepunch.com/essgrid-doc/essential-grid-documentation/

    6. edit the button widget on your homepage, and set the corresponding URL where you want to link the button to.


    Thank you,