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Very slow loading time


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    my website load very slowly, in Pingdom I obtain over 14 seconds of waiting time. It takes very long time for loading css. How can I resolve?



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  • [deleted] replied

    Hi there, 

    Thank you for choosing FWRD. I hope you enjoy using it. 

    Regarding the slow website, here are some tips on how to speed it up

    1. Using a Cache Plugin

    One of best methods to speed up the website is reducing the server requests for the website.

    This can be achieved by caching the website and serving the cached version of pages instead of requesting the whole backend process from the server. One of best plugins in this area is W3 TOTAL CACHE plugin.

    The plugin installation process is easy and like every other plugin.

    2. Reduce the size of images

    You can use any photo-editing software.

    3. Using CDN

    CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a method of distributing different assets like images and media

    files between different locations with the goal of reducing main server load. This method boosts the speed of the website in great extent. There are many CDN providers in the market. Here is the list of recommended

    • CloudFlare
    • MaxCDN
    • AWS

    4. Choosing the hosting provider

    The last but not the least is choosing a proper hosting provider. The fact is if you try your best and implement all kinds of speed up techniques but your hosting provider is bad, all your efforts are in vain.

    It is very important to choose a robust and reliable hosting provider to make your website work properly.

    For example:

    • WP Engine
    • Media Temple
    • Blue Host

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,

  • nouhanda replied

    Hi Judith,

    a prefilled answer is not what I'm expecting to receive when I'm asking for help in a support center that I'm paying. The website is already optimized using a cache plugin, and of course images are web ready. 

    What I was asking for is to check why there are some scripts that takes so much time to load, if you open the image attached on the previous message you can see that I'm getting over 15 seconds, I want to know your opinion about this case.


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