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  • Stacy Ann started the conversation


    I can't seem to find where to change the language of the following items on the page linked above. I would like to change to french the FOLLOW, WEBSITE, CONTACT & BOOKING and DOWNLOADS. Seems to be in the sidebar but when I go to sidebars it isnt there. Also would like to change the PREVIOUS ARTIST AND NEXT ARTIST. 

    Thanks for the help. 

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    Alexandre replied

    Hi Stacy, 

    Here our documentation about translation: 


    By the way we are located to Montreal, so we are proud you have choose our theme for Bobten Record. And we can also give a french support to your team. 

    Thank you,



  • LaureneB replied

    Bonjour Alexandre,

    J'ai acheté ce thème Croma super pour un label de musique en France et je serais très intéressée par le support en français que vous proposez dans votre message !

    Cela m'aiderait beaucoup pour travailler.

    Par avance, merci !

    A bientôt



    Hello Alexandre,

    I bought this great Croma theme for a music label in France and I would be very interested in the french support that you propose in your message !
    It would help me a lot to work.

    Thank you !

    See you soon


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    Alexandre replied

    Bonjour Laurene, 

    SVP Créer un nouveau ticket. Faîtes votre demande en français et ça va nous faire plaisir de vous répondre dans votre langue.


    Thank you,