Hi everybody !

Yesterday there has been an unannounced update on the Instagram team, which caused the Essential Grid’s Instagram Feed plugin to stop working.

We bring you our most sincere apologies for this situation! We totally understand how inconvenient this is, and we totally relate to any frustration and disappointment it might cause. Our development team is in contact with the Essential Grid and Instagram developpers to find a fix that we’re going to implement shortly. We will do our best to release a fix within the next 24hours but once again, we’re dependent from the Instagram team for now.

Stay tuned.


How to make parallax effect with Visual Composer?

1. Click on the "Edit row" icon where you want your background image appear.

2. Activate the parallax option. 

3. Select the "Design Options" tab.

4. Insert a background image.

5. Then create a row INTO this parent's row.

6. Add your content into it. The parallax will be applied in the parent's row and the child row will have the parallax effect.